Postell's Mortuary Pre-Need

Guarantees today’s price …whenever death occurs!

Now, at Postell’s Mortuary you can put an end to concern about future increases in the cost of funeral services.  Our inflation pre-need funeral guarantees that we will provide the complete service at the price you choose today - whenever the need arises.  The complete funeral services include:

  • Casket of your choice
  • Burial Vault of your choice
  • Removal, funeral and burial within 130 miles of any of our convenient locations
  • Securing death certificate and all necessary permits
  • Professional care and scientific preparation
  • Personal and professional services of funeral director and assistants
  • Use of facilities for visitations
  • Acknowledgement cards
  • Memorial Register
  • Use of funeral coach
  • Use of family limousine
  • Final tribute in your church or our chapel
  • Cremation services
  • Payment plan up to 24 months
  • Five different plans to choose from today



IT IS YOUR RIGHT, and our desire, that you have as complete an understanding as possible regarding the cost of our services.

The biggest factor is the time element in terms of our personnel and the use of the funeral home facilities.  The maintenance of this service is unending; that is, it must be available 24 hours every day of the year.  Therefore, ours is a 168-hour week and not the 40-hour week which is the accepted standard.

Many phases of our work are apparent; others are not.  The following analysis of some of these details will help you to understand that no two funerals are exactly alike.  Traditions, customs, social standings, personal feelings, financial ability and a multitude of other influences affect each funeral.  Our services must conform to each individual family’s wishes and their personal and religious needs.

With the Postell’s Pre-Need program

Once you’ve made your decision, you tell us exactly what funeral service you wish.  We’ll help you put it in writing.  Then there’s no doubt about your expresses wishes.  So, there will be no family disputes or involvement by others who may not know what you wanted.  Your loved ones won’t need to ask:  Did we do the right thing?  Did we spend too much or too little?  Is it what he or she wanted?  Did we forget anything?  All that is eliminated because it’s in writing.

You can choose the payment plan that best suits your budget.