Yulon Jasen Wallace
Yulon Jasen Wallace

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Yulon Jasen Wallace

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11:00 AM
Postell's Mortuary Chapel
811 North Powers Drive
Orlando, Florida


Yulon Jasen Wallace, 37, of Orlando, departed this life suddenly on Sunday, March 19, 2017. Yulon was born to Lessie and Texus Wallace on May 24, 1979.

Yulon was employed in maintenance at the time of his demise. He was a loving father, son, and brother who will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

He is survived by his: daughter, Shakyra S. Wallace; father, Texus Wallace; brother, Romeo (Ruth) Wallace; sisters, Juliet Jah, Yevun N. Wallace; and a host of other relatives and friends.

A service of celebration will be held on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 11:00 AM, Postell's Mortuary Chapel, Orlando, with Pastor Gene Pritchard, officiating. Inurnment: Orlando Memorial Gardens, Apopka, FL.


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K. Hope
Created On: 04/10/2017 16:09:21

So sorry for your loss. May the God of Comfort give you strength at this sad time. 2 Corinthians 1:3,4. Soon, he will eliminate death and resurrect our loved ones back to life on earth. (Isaiah 25:8; Job 14:14,15). Your family is in our thoughts.

Charlie smith
Created On: 04/10/2017 05:21:40

May the peace of our heavenly father comfort you and the promise made at acts 24:15\" there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous\" bring healing.

Created On: 03/31/2017 09:58:13

Jehovah promise he would do away with sickness and death.these thing will be done away. We can find this in the bible at Rev 21:3-4.

Sharon Nunn
Created On: 03/28/2017 18:26:15

We have lived in this neighborhood for over a year....and I specifically remember the day after moving in and standing outside talking to our new neighbors and out of nowhere a guy on the bike comes from nowhere singing Amazing Grace....of course I asked whose that they said oh that's Jasen.....everyone seem to know who he was....and as months went on my husband and I got to know him as well. ...I smile every time I think about the time he asked if he could do yard work for us...(He wasn't afraid of work...he was a hard worker ) we hired him for the yard project on Monday we asked him to come back on Friday of that week.... well he came back the next day and said he was excited and ready to get started. ...we all laughed and joked with him about being 4 days early for work. was funny. ...we will miss him. Our condolences and prayers to the family. It shall be well.

Sabrina Tiedemann
Created On: 03/27/2017 16:07:55

The first time I met Jasen, I was outside doing yard work. This man, listening and singing to his music, all while riding his beloved bike, stopped to ask me how to use a phone that he had just received. He needed it to work to stay in contact with his family. While he said he was frustrated trying to figure it out, he appeared nothing other than happy. After we figured it out together, he said to me, \"Thank you for being so kind to me and helping me\". A perfect stranger that day, became someone I learned more about and enjoyed seeing every single day that I was outside. He always waved hello or stopped to see how I was doing. He often spoke of the wildlife and the fresh air and how he loved nature and being outside with all of it.

\"Jasen, my friend, you deserved so much better than this. May you be in peace and spread your kindness down upon all of us and to the many others that need love in their hearts. You will be missed.\"

George Tiedemann
Created On: 03/26/2017 16:16:01

I found out about this dreadful event on Sunday as I was headed to Miami. As a resident of Good Homes Road, Jason was kind of a mainstay going back and forth on his bike. Many times he would stop and we would chat on the porch or he would even do an odd job or two that I could not do. He always had that smile to light up the day. He will be missed by all of us. For the Good Homes Road people, we did not know Jason's family and I can only say to remember the good times for he will be looking down at everyone and sending his blessings to us. R.I.P Jason Wallace.

Trudy Colley
Created On: 03/24/2017 18:51:51

I remember the first time I met Jasen. He would walk past my house on Good Homes Rd everyday going towards Silver Star Rd to catch the bus. One day my husband and i were at the corner stop sign of Good Homes Rd and Silver Star and we saw Jasen running toward the corner to catch the bus...he did not make it so we gave him a ride. Then one day I saw Jasen riding a bike. He would ride his bike up and down our street and you could see the joy on his face. Jasen even joined us a few times at our house during our neighborhood parties that we held in our driveway. He loved the flowers that bloomed and the Cranes that came every year to nest at our lake. Jasen was part of our neighborhood on Good Homes Rd. and he will be missed by all of us. Jasen you deserved so much more than this world gave to you. God Bless!

Deborah Johnson
Created On: 03/24/2017 11:48:41

I love the wonderful wildlife and especially the birds of our neighborhood. Everyone in my house is filled with joy whenever the sandhill cranes and their babies are in the yard. I am absolutely mesmerized by the wingspan and gracefulness of the magnificent hawks that live in the oaks. Sweet Jasen, with his lithe body and long limbs flew over our neighborhood on his bicycle with an athletic grace and beauty that rivaled that of the hawks. Always smiling, somehow innocent and free ... I have memories of Jasen and his bike flying in like a hero at just the right moment to hold my ladder safely as I was going up on my roof to clear leaves. I watched him sailing by one day as a turtle was hit by a garbage truck and somehow thrown in to the air landing on it's back on Good Homes Road. In one heroic movement Jasen was off his bike and rescuing the turtle! (Who miraculously LIVED ... though no doubt "shell shocked") I remember feeling a little safer that Jasen had his eye on things here. Jasen and I talked one day about how the wildlife would be safer if all of the dump trucks going to the Good Homes Transfer Station were banned from the curves and lakes of Good Homes Road and made to use Apopka-Vineland and Balboa as the direct route. I even told him I would try and write something up that he could carry as a petition to get signed. Jasen thought that adding bumps that would slow down traffic and possibly encourage people to use Apopka-Vineland or Clark Road would make it safer but I thought it was genius that it might also increase revenue for the businesses on Clark Road if more people used that route? It breaks my heart and is beyond tragic that I have these memories NOW, in in the harsh reality that it was JASEN HIMSELF who was killed here in this beautiful and peaceful place! I am sure everyone is screaming out HOW? and WHY JASEN? I know that I AM! Jasen deserves more ... he deserves not to be forgotten ... Jasen deserves JUSTICE ~~~ May the memory of Jasen be eternal! ~~~

Charlie smith
Created On: 03/24/2017 05:59:49

Gods promise of a world without sickness and death gives hope \"And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes ,and death will be no more neither will mourning nor outcry or pain be anymore,the former things will have passed away\". Rev21 :3,4

A. J. Sterling
Created On: 03/23/2017 13:49:08

I did not know Jason very well and only met him a few times but I found him to be a kind-hearted gentle fellow with a friendly attitude and a big smile. He was a neighborhood icon that knew only friends. Even though I did not know him well I miss him and I am certian everyone in the neighborhood miss him as well.

Rest in peace Jason. May justice be served.